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Beautiful sea villa
Beach front Villa LANA-SEA

Surrounded by the rich nature of Itoshima, the villa in front of the sea is a stylish cafe and

As a base for sightseeing in Itoshima, SUP, kayaking,

Around Itoshima on a road bike, practice triathlon, and more,

This beautiful villa is ideal for corporate and university training and seminars.

*Except for the manager space.




You can enjoy various activities such as Sapp that enjoys the nature of Itoshima, trekking such as Kayayama, road bike for one week of Itoshima (bringing). Training for companies and universities, seminars, workshops, training camps for club activities, etc. can be held in a special place in front of the sea. It can accommodate 20 people during the day. It is fully equipped with facilities such as a whiteboard. Please enjoy BBQ in the garden.




The living room on the second floor overlooking the sea will be the training room. At night, 3 sofas and 3 mattresses can be used. On the first floor, there is a Western-style room "Terrace Room" (2bed) on the sea and garden, and a Japanese-style room "Green Room" (2 futons) with a view of the green. There is also a kitchen so you can enjoy cooking. There are two baths and toilets with a view of the sky. The loft on the 3rd floor is like a mountain hut. Up to 10 people can stay.




45 minutes from Fukuoka Airport by highway. By train, it is 18 minutes by taxi from the station and a direct train from Fukuoka Airport to Chikumae Maebara Station. Up to 2 cars are free.

Street address:

539-1 Shimakuya, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Please be sure to look at this map as it is not displayed correctly in the car navigation system.

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