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Spend at a south facing beach villa overlooking the beautiful sea.

Shining south facing sea

Only 45 minutes from Fukuoka Airport. There is a beautiful beach with no one. Beyond that, you can see the green mountains. The sun shines in the room facing south.

Diverse usage

Surrounded by nature, this quiet beach villa is ideal for family, friends and couples, as well as for corporate training and university camps.

Road bike, marine sports heaven

Run Itoshima by road bike along the sea. You can practice triathlon, enjoy marine sports such as sap and kayak, and hike in the nearby mountains. You can enjoy it in the BBQ garden.


Trend spot Itoshima

There are many fashionable cafes and restaurants. Fresh organic vegetables, seafood from the Genkai Sea, Itoshima pork. Oyster huts are famous in winter

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